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Complete the following:

The hamstring refers to one of the three ???????? thigh muscles, the Semitendinosis, ?????? and Biceps femoris. The hamstring muscles constantly undergoes eccentric (lengthening) & ??????? (shortening) muscle contraction. Hamstring strains and tears can be a result of both direct and indirect forces. Often hamstring injuries occur when the muscle is extended whilst is ??????? . One of the more common causes of ???????injuries is an inadequate warm-up. ????????? is temperature dependent; therefore cold muscles do not stretch as effectively as warm muscles. There also is a tendency towards increased incidence with increasing ????? . Recurrence of hamstring injuries often arise from inadequate ?????????????? and therefore a rushed return to the playing field. When diagnosing patients, ?????????????? must determine whether the pain is local or ???????. When diagnosing patients hamstring injuries, important consideration to their injury ???????? must be taken. A hamstring injury can have both physical and ?????? impacts upon an athlete's future performances.

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